Cirrus One Step Closer to the Vision SF50

Over the last decade Cirrus has exploded onto the general aviation market becoming one of the best selling aircraft available. They produce the SR-20, SR-22, and the SR-22T. They have a sports car appearance and look impressively large when sitting on the ramp. They are the favorite single of many cross-country fliers. Unfortunately they also have a reputation and is referred to many as a “doctor killer.” This is a name used for expensive and complex aircraft that is often bought by wealthy, yet inexperienced pilots. Many of the incidents that they have been involved in have been due to pilot error. My CFI has taught several people to fly in the brand new cirrus they recently purchased. Despite all this they are a wonderful plane and they have been planning to bring something new to general aviation.


Vision SF50 in Flight

The Vision SF50 will be a smaller jet and aimed at the general aviation market rather than the business jet industry. It will have an instrument panel that is laid out in a very similar manner to the SR-22’s. Cirrus claims the jet will be very easy to fly and a perfect way for SR-22 owner’s to move to a jet. It has an operating ceiling of 28,000 feet and a max cruise at 300 KTAS. There will be a heftier price tag attached to the new jet. Cirrus claims to already have over 500 production orders on the jet.

This week they got one step closer to finally producing the SF50. They have been expanding and getting new equipment for their Grand Forks, North Dakota plant since may. The expansion is to make way for the new production line going in for the Vision SF50. They have also recently received a large piece of equipment called an autoclave. This contraption will allow them to pressure mold large pieces of carbon to use on the Vison SF50 and newer generations of the SR-22. 

I am a big fan of Cirrus aircraft. I have yet to fly one myself, but am eagerly awaiting the day I get that opportunity. The SR-22’s are larger in life then they seem in pictures and they have multiple, beautiful, color schemes available. I hope the Vision SF50 becomes a success for them.

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