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Hi, my name is Daniel Houe Sorensen

Flying, and everything that is involves, is my passion. I hold a private pilot certification, and I am close to finishing my instrument rating. My purpose is to share with you my thoughts on the latest news in the aviation world. The wonders of flight are something that will never cease to amaze me.

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno working on my bachelors in Business Management. I am an American-Danish dual citizen and can speak the language fluently.

Mechanics and vehicles have always fascinated me. Anything that can go fast I want to try. I took my first flight in late 2010 in a 1998 Cessna 172. This flight was out of PHNL, Honolulu, and we flew around the island. The second the wheels lifted off the ground I was instantly hooked. Feeling the true strength of air for the first time I was awestruck as the Cessna floated upwards at only 65 knots. I knew from then on that aviation would be a large part of my life from then on. I earned my PPL in Reno, at KRNO, about a year later. I have done most of my training in a 2005 Cessna 172 with the Garmin 1000 glass instruments.

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Daniel Houe Sorensen


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